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Top 7 Reasons Why Education is Important

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Back to Education

     People nowadays, and especially the current generation, look at education from a “cliché” perspective. They think of it as memorizing and rewriting what the teacher has taught to find a decent job eventually. And we have to be honest here, this is not a fallacy or anything, but we are missing the bigger picture here.

The truth is: education goes beyond memorizing and studying to find a job, focusing only on this aspect is like describing the Mona Lisa as being “a painting of a woman”. But if you call an expert or someone who knows the story behind the Mona Lisa, he/she can surely turn this painting into a tale with a world of its own.

Today, I am going to be that expert, and I will turn your bird’s eye view of education into something much bigger and realistic. I am going to give you not 1, not 2, but 7 reasons why education is way more important than you think. So, let’s skip the formalities and let’s dive right into it:

  1. School Teaches Values

     One of the things that make education and acquiring knowledge such a unique experience is that you can get it in an environment full of people from different races, cultures, religions and diverse backgrounds.

By acquiring education and blending into this exceptional atmosphere, you are unconsciously transmitting and receiving specific values through your interaction with your different colleagues or classmates. You’ll be noticing how certain people behave or react to certain events, how they perceive some actions of the everyday life, and you’ll get to know what they will do and on what basis they will make their decision when facing certain situations.

Different people have different values, just like metals. Every metal has specific properties and a particular value- so are the people from your environment. You cannot expect to find everyone with high values; it is through your interaction with them that you can find out what they value most. The higher the values of someone are, the higher his/her worth in society is. Education provides you with a great chance to spend significant amounts of time within people with different values.

  • Education Builds Confidence

     Confidence is not something you get the minute you’re born. It’s not a “How to Turn on Your Microwave” manual that you find the moment you get a microwave. Confidence is built through trial and error, but most importantly, through the acceptance of those errors and trying to correct and fix them.

Education helps you in building confidence through its frequent tests and evaluations. It’s through the trials and assessments that we know we are learning something.

This way, you will know your strength as well as your weak points, and you will see what you need to do about them.

Now, don’t get it the wrong way. Education doesn’t boost your self-esteem and confidence just by trying to acquire it or only by attending school. You need to know that you have to put some efforts to learn and fix your flaws. By doing this, you’ll see that you are heading the right way, your grades will increase, your level will improve, but most importantly, you’ll become better, smarter, and more confident.

  • Education Develops Critical Thinking

     No matter how much I speak about critical thinking, I cannot stress how important it is in our everyday life. Education creates that sparks inside of your brain (not a real spark. So, don’t worry you won’t burn anytime soon lol), a spark that makes you look at the world through a different lens.

Education helps you develop that urge to question the credibility of information, explore the hidden side of certain events, or dig deeper into something. All this through the simple process of examining what, why, or how something has happened or is.

A few benefits of all is that you won’t be a passive consumer of information anymore, nor believe everything on-line or in newspapers. Education helps you create what we call a brain circuit. This latter will unconsciously help you in knowing what to think and what not to. 

  • Education Helps you Discover & Break Down Your Boundaries. 

     You may go to school with nothing that makes you stand out of the crowd. You don’t know how to play the guitar or hack a computer, and you may not even know how to write a good paragraph. But what makes you comfortable is that you’re not alone there.

Day after another, you start noticing some individual with particular talents or skills. And at one given precious moment, that billion-dollar idea pops in your mind, and you’ll say: “Wow! He’s/she’s so cool! Maybe I can do the same”

And at that moment, your journey of exploring what you’re capable of will begin. You’ll start trying and testing different things. You may not stick to your first choice, but eventually, you’ll find something that you will do with passion.

And you won’t stop there. You’ll start improving either intentionally or unintentionally because practice makes perfect. You’ll find out that you could do things you never thought you could do. Best of all, you’ll reach levels you never thought possible. It’s the bliss of education, and it makes you explore, try, improve, and be the best version of yourself.

  • Education Makes You Self-Dependent

     When someone comes to this world, he/she is wholly dependent on his/her parents. It’s human nature; no one is entirely independent for the first years. Human beings learn to become independent as they grow and primarily through experiences. It’s what education does; it provides you with an environment that becomes gradually harder and harder year after another.

The word “education” speaks of itself. You’ll start learning by receiving guidance in different forms and ways. Then, your abilities will be tested to assess your level of performance. At the end of your educational path, you’ll be able to conduct flawless research on your own. You’ll look into various resources, collect and analyze data, but most importantly, you’ll do something that most people can’t do and all this by yourself. 

You’ll become truly self-dependent.

  • Education Makes You More Aware of Your Surroundings

     Let me visualize something for you to clarify this point. Let’s say that you have a 14 years old neighbour called Andy. Andy is polite and well educated, but he can’t seem to socialize with anyone, and he hates all his male teachers.

Then, you come across a lesson that talks about the fathers who mistreat their children and the psychological outcomes of this mistreatment. You stare at your notes for a second and then you remember Andy, who seems to show the same psychological symptoms of a kid who has been brutally mistreated by his father.

Education gives you the ability to associate what you have learnt with real-life situations of your surroundings. This way, you’ll not only remember your lectures, but the world around you will make more sense. 

Now you know that your neighbour is suffering from a psychological problem instead of only thinking that he hates male teachers because it is what it is.

  • Education Creates the Wise Individuals of the Future

     One may think that wisdom is gained through experiences, but let me tell you something that may sharpen this idea and give you a better understanding of what it means.

“Otto von Bismarck said: “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”. Education covers the result of thousands of experiments, historical events, theories put into practice and much more and puts it right in front of you so that you won’t fall in the same traps in the future and move even further. It’s how individuals, countries, and even civilization developed throughout history.

Education is the fountain of wisdom, but it only benefits those who know how to drink from its water. It does not only make you wiser, but it inspires you by revealing the mistakes of previous researchers and opens room for creativity by thinking about different possibilities.

To sum it up, it seems fair to say that the importance of education cannot be summed in only one article. It is the main factor that helps you to find a job, understand the world, be independent, but most importantly, education helps you in becoming the best version of yourself.

If you want to read more about the importance of education, make sure to visit our website more often and check the links down below for further reading.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s article. See you soon!

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