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Top 6 Reasons Why Education is Important

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Back to Education

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Malcolm X

     When we talk about education, we do not always refer to the repetitive classes that someone has to take over the semester. Learning goes beyond that: it represents the knowledge and experience that someone has accumulated during his stay in an educational atmosphere like school, college, or university.

If you haven’t read our previous article, then I advise you to check it out. If you ever wanted to know why you shouldn’t turn your back to education.

  1. Education Boosts Social Skills

     If you are familiar with LinkedIn, then you probably know the foundation of this given employment-oriented service. It’s simple; it connects people based on the services that they can provide for each other.

The thing is: although LinkedIn’s concept is simple, it is not that easy to find opportunities or job offers from the first day you sign in.

And the reason is simple: many people lack the social skills and the experience needed to connect the dots of knowledge and expertise with the ones of needs and desires provided by the employers and recruiters.

Here is when the role of education comes into action. School, indirectly, puts you in a social environment, and it is either because of need or desire that you will try to connect with other people.

You may think about how to start a given discussion with your classmate. Maybe you would like someone else to explain to you a given point or a particular lesson? 

Most importantly, you will find yourself indirectly engaged in conversations with other people because you were exposed to the educational environment, an environment where most discussions serve your needs.

Education builds your social skills with time and pushes you to learn new ways to get in touch with different people to get what you want, and all this is based on common interest.

This is the same common interest that employers look forward to fulfilling from their employees and in most cases, you’re the employee who needs to get hired. This is why you need those social skills, the ones provided by education.

  • Education Became a Conventional Norm

     Like it or not, we are living in a world that values the educated people over the uneducated. Society nowadays looks up to doctors, professors, lawyers and business owners and tend to look down at the uneducated ones or those who do not show signs of education and intellect.

The reason is pretty apparent, the overwhelming majority of nowadays individuals tend to think in terms of interest and pleasure so, whenever they think about the educated person, they either look at him as a source of interest or as a source of entertainment.

NOW, you need to get my idea. I am not assuming in any mean that the world has become entirely materialistic and that educated people have become a source of interest. What I mean is that people nowadays tend to look at the educated as people of higher existential utility than the uneducated one simply because the educated person knows better, adapts faster, and overcomes life obstacles more efficiently in comparison to the uneducated one.

  • Education Makes You a Vigilant Person

     Let’s face it. No one became vigilant overnight. We all had to deal with harsh, embarrassing, and challenging situations at one point in our lives. This is something natural and backs up the old saying that states that the longer you live, the more experienced you’ll become.

But let me ask you something: How long will you live? Is there anything that guarantees that you’ll reach your 80s or 90s and you’ll get the chance to accumulate experience along the way?

As far as I know, death is not an expiring date, this means that it can strike at any moment, this is the reason that shaped two fundamental pillars on which my life is based on:

  1. Since death can strike at any time, we need to enjoy most of our lives in doing what makes us happy.
  2. Most importantly, since sudden death exists, then it is preferable to accumulate as much experience as possible at a young age to live our lives to the fullest while we still can.

This is why it is essential to get as much education as possible because you’ll become more vigilant along the process. The accumulation of knowledge will develop a sense of savviness within you that will help you in your everyday life. Think of it as a detective who the more he solves cases, the better he gets at his job.

  • Education Shapes Your Perspective of “The Prosperous Life”

     A prosperous life is not an ideological one. Don’t get the idea that by trying to live a prosperous life, your lifecycle will not consist of problems or difficulties. Education helps you in shaping your perspective of prosperous life through the development of a sense of questioning.

The significant advantage, in this case, is that you will no longer follow the herd. Instead, you’ll get your manifestation of perception, and you’ll see the world through the lens you choose to picture the future you want.

What differentiates us from the other living creatures are our ability to project ourselves into the future, and education helps you in mastering this ability and take better decisions.

So, the next time you get home after a long day at school or college, try to remember what you have learnt during the day, not necessarily from the lectures you attended, but mostly from the events, you have witnessed that day.

Try considering the importance of your presence at that given moment (the moment of the event), and how would it help in either building or avoiding a particular life scenario.

  • Education Prevents Unlikely Events

As I mentioned in the previous article “Education creates the wise men of the future”, many people often repeat most of the mistakes that were made in the past.

And this is something “human” that exists in all of us: we tend to learn through trial and error and build experience upon the correction of those errors. But what if we could prevent those errors from happening? What if we could avoid any unlikely event from happening, especially if its effects are measured on a large scale?

Education helps in preventing errors from happening through the identification of past patterns that resulted in certain ‘unlikely’ events and tried to create predictions of ‘probable’ events.

In most cases, the probability does happen, and by predicting it, you’ll automatically take your precautions which in turn prevents any casualty at any scale from happening.

  • Education Teaches Us How to Raise the Future Generations

The subtitle above pretty much explains itself. When we talk about raising future generations, we are mostly dealing with how to educate younger people who will eventually live in a different age than the one we are living in currently. And this means that through education, we are attempting to predict and cope with a different time than the one we grew up in.

Year after another, humanity gets exposed to newer technology, upgrades, and development in all aspects of the everyday life and it is through education, that we can learn to adapt not for our sake but to teach newer generations how to live in such environment.

And through educating the future generations, we will unconsciously develop the skills and the needed creativity to transmit this ability “of teaching newer generations” to the population which is to come. It is mostly like oral tradition, but education takes this tradition to a higher level and implements in on a large-scale community.

It is fair to say that education does not only makes us better, smarter, stronger, more focused, and innovative but also opens doors for countless and unlimited opportunities that you can only cease if you get the proper education. 

Education stabilizes your mental health and creates an existential value according to modern society’s norms. It is through education that we can seize the opportunities of life and assist others in achieving the same task.

And with this, we come to the end of today’s article. If you liked today’s article, make sure to drop a comment down below and tell us what the most crucial reason that makes education vital for you is. 

 If you have any other reason or topic suggestion, make sure to tell us so that we can tackle it in future articles.

Thank you so much or your time. See you soon!
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