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(Part II: Selling Photos and Courses Online)

    If you’re reading this article, it means that you have either read the first and are here for the next part of “How to Make Money Online in Africa,”.Maybe you’re coming to learn about legit ways and working methods to work and earn online, which is what I will explain in today’s article.

I do suggest that if you haven’t read the first part of the “How to Make Money Online in Africa” series, you should probably go back to it to have a holistic understanding. It will make you more aware of as many methods of how to make money online as possible and, as a result, multiply your chances of earning money online and increase your income.

So, without any further ado, let’s carry on what we already started and make some money:

3- Sell Photos Online:

Start with what you have, if it’s a cellphone or camera begin. That’s the first step, then proceed to signup to places that you can sell your pictures. The art of photography requires some skills and equipment, although if you happen to live within an area where you can unleash your creative soul and take beautiful pictures. You can turn those beautiful sights into money magnets. Beauty is everywhere in the world, landscape photos, portrait photos; the list is endless. 

3.1- What is it?

The title pretty speaks of itself this time. Selling photos online is all about taking pictures, doing some editing if needed, and uploading them to platforms where people come looking for images to buy their royalties and use them for either personal or commercial use.

3.2- What does it require?

The requirements concerning this particular online job are pretty relative to what kind of pictures you are going to take and sell. If you are willing to take high-quality photos, then, I suggest that you buy a decent camera with some stands and handles. But if you are ready to make black and white pictures and rely mostly on editing, then, the good news is that you are only going to need the camera of your smartphone. (I suggest the Samsung Galaxy S10, or the new iPhone 11 and above cameras. They have a good colour saturation which creates vibrant photos that catch the eye. Just a simple tweak in the image settings can increase the chances to sell your photos in different photo markets.)

Another essential tool needed is a laptop, or smartphone, and internet connection.

3.3- Where to start?

First thing first, you need to think of the type and category of photos that you want to take. Are you willing to sell separate independent pictures or are you ready to sell albums directly as stock photos? Are you willing to take wild animal photos? Perhaps urban photos? Or even everyday life photos?

You’ll get the inspiration from your surroundings because this is where you will start your photography career. Try to look around during different times of the day to notice the different shooting possibilities and try various natural lights of the sun.

Then, start looking for platforms where you can sell your photos. There’s a lot of platforms on the internet, but I do advise you to look for those with high reputation since they draw more traffic than the other websites. 

Still, there is no harm in uploading your photos in newer platforms. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make it to the top one day, and you’ll have a higher chance to sell your photos since you were one of the first to upload them there. Just make sure to check the legitimacy of the website before uploading your pictures. Be aware of frauds.

You can start by looking for websites like Getty ImagesShutterstockiStock500pxStocksyCan Stock PhotoFreeDigitalPhotos.netAdobe Stock, Pexels, and Fotolia. These are pretty reputable websites, and you will find a link at the end of the article where you can find a list of other trusted sites where you can sell your photos. 

You can even upload your pictures to Instagram and use hashtags to get more extensive exposure and increase your chances of getting hired by a company or a channel as their photographer.

3.4- What are the Pros and Cons?

Selling photos online and be a photographer can be a career and a work of dream in itself. A lot of people have started their photography career by selling photos on different websites or uploading them to their Instagram account.

By selling your pictures online, you are not only getting the pleasure of making and selling works of art, but you’ll also get exposure and increase your chances in becoming a stock photographer of a given company or website. As mentioned above, taking the first step is what’s necessary; being consistent means a fixed salary plus everyday work provided you stay consistent in creating and sharing more content. 

On the other side, this job may not be as easy as it sounds. Getting exposure in a world filled with people who are regularly taking pictures with their smartphones and uploading them on different platforms created a high degree of competition. Meaning to make photo and content sell, you need to rise above the competition and take pictures that stand out of the crowd.

4- Selling Courses:

New learning platforms are being built each day, throughout history, humanity never stopped learning and acquiring knowledge. And apparently, it won’t stop anytime soon. So why not taking part in the teaching-learning process and get paid for it?

4.1-What is it?

Selling Courses is a fantastic way to make money online while teaching what you already know. You can teach skills that you already have, teach modules you are good at, teach courses you learned a week ago in a simplified manner. It ‘s about merely transmitting knowledge to others who are willing to pay for it.

The internet had become the number one source of knowledge. People around the globe visit different websites simultaneously to acquire new knowledge and learn different skills that they will need in their personal life and professional career.

4.2- What does it require?

Selling courses online does not require any teaching skills. It doesn’t matter how well you understand something if you can’t teach it to another one. As Elbert Einstein said: “if you can’t teach something to a 6-year-old that means you don’t understand it”.

All you are going to need for this online job is a camera, computer, internet connection, and whiteboard if your job requires you to write on to explain.

You may not need a camera if you are willing to use a teaching program or work with PowerPoint slides. But this might put you at a disadvantage since most people are attracted to interactive videos or explainer videos where one uses a whiteboard.

4.3- Where to start?

If you don’t know what to teach at first, you may want to check the different categories of lessons you can showcase online — relating to where you want to upload your courses. For instance, if you’re going to sell your courses on Udemy, Teachable, Kajabi or even Youtube, you can choose one of the categories of courses they provide on their website.

Next, you need to create a program for your course. Your course will neither be 5 minutes long to finish it in one lecture nor will it be 5 hours long and all shot in one video. You need to have a program for your course and divide it into sequences so that the viewer won’t get bored with your course and can finish it to the very end.

Then, you can proceed to set your camera and shoot your course. Make sure to check sound quality and image clarity. These are factors that add to the quality of your brand and increases its selling potential.

After shooting and editing your course, you can upload it to different online courses platforms such as Udemyand Skillshare.

You can also share your course link in different social media platforms to get exposure and get people to buy the whole course on the main website.

4.4- What are the Pros and Cons?

Selling courses online is a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own house. Not only that, but many people became highly successful and reputable teachers by selling courses online. Some of them even continued uploading courses and made a fortune of them.

Still, on the other side, competition is an influential factor in course selling. A lot of people are buying expensive cameras and setting studios to shoot courses and sell them online, which is unnecessary because makes the process a bit pricey if you ever wanted your courses to stand out of the crowd and have high sales.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you like what you are reading, and you want to learn more about everything and anything concerning earning money, education, and careers, make sure to visit us more often for new and updated content.

See you in the next article.

Websites where you can sell your photos:

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