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How to make money online mwerevu

(Legit & 100% Working Ways)

(Part I: Freelancing and Flipping)

We are living in an era of massive technological development. People around the world are experiencing and living the age of high-end tech and speed and trying to make the most of it, not only by living the moment but by seizing it and trying to gain and learn as much as possible from it, this includes the financial side as well.

 Year after another, the number of people who work online is increasing dramatically. A study in Switzerland shows that more than 70% of workers work remotely. 

Why? Well, because it saves time, energy, resources and nowadays, it’s more secure thanks to cryptocurrency.

So, if you happen to be looking for ways to make money online, and live in Africa, then this article is meant for you. Because today, I’m going to show you how to make money online and increase your income with legit ways and techniques that you may not find elsewhere. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the first method:

  1. Freelancing:

I believe that working as a freelancer is one of the most amazing ways to earn money online while doing what you love to do the most. You can work as a web developer, writer, designer, voice actor or do anything that you think that other people might need and would pay you to do.

  1. What is it?

When it comes to freelancing, you are merely offering a service that you believe that other people might need. You can even start a freelance career if you get enough exposure to get hired by big companies like Netflix, Facebook, or even Google.

  1. What does it require?

To start working as a freelancer, you’ll need at least a computer and an internet connection. You need first to pick a skill that you would love to offer its services. I advise you to pick something that you’re passionate about, something that you won’t get bored with doing in the middle of the way and drop, especially in the middle of assigned work. You can think of something that you were doing for fun like video editing, drawing, singing, or even Facebook marketing. Think of something that would also fit in your schedule. The more time you have, the more you can do.

  1. Where do I start?

Next, try to register into a freelance platform such as Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. Try to look for a platform with less competition since you’ll be a beginner at first. With time, you can scale your freelance career and take it to other platforms and get more exposure.

You can also self-promote your gigs by sharing the link to your gigs on multiple social media platforms where you think that there will be people who might be interested in your services. Try sharing in Facebook groups and comments. Use the comment section of some popular posts, but beware of getting marked as spam.

  1. What are the Pros and the Cons?

The benefit of working as a freelancer is that: once you start getting momentum, you’ll begin to receive multiple work offers that you can choose from according to your preferences and schedule.

Just like any other work you do at first, you’ll need to work hard to gain reviews and increase your reputation as a freelancer, and this might take some time. It’s is why patience is a vital element at the beginning of a freelance career.

And whatever happens, beware of scammerswho may try to take advantage of your skills. 

2. Flip websites, domain names, and apps:

Now, this one is all about the experience. Domain and app flipping is one of the most profitable online jobs that you can ever get involved in and gain tremendous amounts of money if you master the art of flipping.

2.1- What is it?

Domain and app flipping is all about buying domain names, websites, or even apps of different platforms and re-sell them for profits. The key here is to find people who are willing to sell their domain or app, negotiate the price with them in order to decrease it as much as possible “bear in mind that the lower the price of a domain that you can get it for, the better and the higher the chances that you will find someone who might be interested in buying it” 

2.2-What does it require?

You’ll need simply a Laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection. Most importantly, you’ll need some decent negotiation skills. It’s what domain and app flipping come down to. Getting domain and apps for the lowest prices possible and selling them for as high as other people are willing to pay for.

2.3- Where do I start?

You can start looking for domain names and apps by visiting websites such as FlippaMartopolisSedoWebsitebroker, and even eBay. You can check the link at the end of this article for more domain and app flipping websites.

There, you will find a variety of domain names and apps for sale for different prices and purposes. You need to make sure that the domain you are trying to get has a catchy name that needs to be memorable as well. People are interested in buying domains and apps, which they think that they will bring them, visitors and users. So, if you are considering to buy, I think you should reconsider your choice because this link is neither catchy nor does it reveal its purpose. And since its new, people will find a hard time finding it and remembering it, something “or some-domain” you surely don’t want to buy.

In mobile applications, try to find an app which will add value to the life of their users. It can be a game, a reminder app, or anything. Just make sure that it has a catchy name and a useful utility.

2.4- What are the Pros and Cons?

The benefits of domain and app flipping are numerous, but it all depends on your skill level and experience in flipping.

If you’re good enough, you can buy multiple domains at once and re-sell them separately.

You can look for people who are interested in buying domains or apps and get them what they want for something in return.

Or you can get those domains and apps, do some modifications on them and fix their problems and re-sell them for a higher price.

On the other side: domain flipping can prove to be risky sometimes. You may not know the real value of the domain and get it for a higher price than its worth. What’s worse is that you may buy a domain and not know how to sell it and you may end up by selling it for a lower price than you have paid for or maybe not being able to sell it at all.

It’s is why you need to be careful when it comes to flipping. It is undoubtedly something profitable, but it’s not risk-free as well.

I hope you have learned a thing or two about working online. If you want to learn more legit methods, make sure to read our next article about making money online in Africa.

See you in the next article.

Domain and app flipping website list:

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