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Applying for a job may not be as easy as you think, especially if the job requires a certain level of qualification. If so, then a job interview will surely come in the middle of the way to test whether you will be a valuable asset to the company or not. And if you want to get that dream job of yours, you need to master the art of job interviews.

  1. Say What They Want to Hear

 One of the most typical questions that any interviewer would ask is: “Why would you like to work with us?”. 

And if you’re willing to answer this question by saying:

  • “I heard that this company pays well.”
  • “I live nearby, and I have nothing to do.” 
  • “I’m broke and jobless, and you’re my only hope.” 

Then trust me, you’re definitely not the type of person that I would hire myself, even if my company is called “Nearby People to Hang Out With.” 

Companies hire people who will inevitably and quickly bring more revenues for them. They’re not charities. They are not willing to give you money because you need it, but because they know that you will give them back more. And before hiring you, they need to know what type of person you are. To the company that’s hiring you, there is no better way than testing your communication skills through an interview that would reveal the personality of the interviewee.

So, if you ever came across the previous question and you really want to get that job. I suggest that you answer it by highlighting your capabilities and turning the tides of the interview to your advantage.

You need to make them feel that they need you. You need to make them WANT you. And to do so, you may have to answer that question by saying that:

  • “I’ve visited for some years now, and have to admit that your company has quite a reputation. I just completed my degree in (field related to the job). I believe that my skills and capabilities will be a valuable asset that will benefit the company in both the short and the long-run.”

If you read similar statements and focus on what is between the lines, you’ll surely notice that the one who is in control here is the speaker instead of the interviewer. Because he/she is not stating the need for the job, they are indicating the need of the company for a valuable employee like him/her. 

You will find a link below that will teach you how to answer different interview questions. Make sure to give them a shot to know what kind of answers hiring managers would like to hear.

P.S: NEVER sound unprepared! This not a movie when improvising works for the first time. And this is not a game where you can pause and click restart. Be prepared! This is real life.

2. Do Some Research

    Before playing a soccer game, you need first to know how the game works. So, before applying for a job or before having your job interview, you need to know what kind of employees does the company hire. To do so, you need to do some research.

What I am suggesting is not taking a notebook, opening your laptop, and do coursework about the company, but instead taking a look at the company’s website or asking an employee that just got out of the company about:

  • What kind of employee does the company need?
  • What kind of atmosphere do the employees work under? (strict or casual)
  • What does the company value the most?

By doing research, you are preparing yourself for both the usual and the unexpected, and you’ll know what do in both situations. If the hiring manager asks you whether you can deliver a given work within a given amount of time, you’ll know what to answer, even if it is a tricky question.

3. Be YOU:

    No matter how much I write about this, I cannot stress how important this point is. You need to always have in mind two things:

  • You are not the first applicant that they have met. So, trust me, they know when someone is lying or trying to impersonate someone else’s personality. You need to have what is called “intellectual honesty.” Be the type of person who is proud of who he is rather than someone who believes that the company doesn’t need his/her version of personality. 
  • You should NEVER EVER apply for a job that forces you to be someone other than yourself. The truth is: you’ll be forced to be that other one for as long as you want to remain in that company.

Interviewers know when someone is not being him/herself. They are professionals, and as I said, you’re not the first applicant they are interviewing. You don’t need to sound Perfect. Never try to sacrifice who you are for a given amount of money because the minute you do so, you will put in the line hours and hours of your mental health. Why? Because the hiring manager did not hire you, he/she simply hired the person you were impersonating. So, welcome to the life of that other person and try to keep up with it.

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Job interview Q&As:

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