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How to apply for green card

General Application Green Card Lottery Process

USA Green Card Lottery is also known as the Immigrant Visa Lottery. This green card is issued out to about 50,000 citizens worldwide. The draw will be performed by a computer-generated draw.

USA Green Card revealed as the permanent visa for everyone who wishes to stay or study in the United States. The green card is very useful to get a legal right to work, live and study permanently in the United States. Every Green cardholders will receive many benefits such as health care, education etc. If you are able to obtain a permanent residence card, you can later apply for U.S. citizenship. Your current citizenship will not be affected by the green card.

All qualified candidates have the same options of going through the random selection process as long as all the requirements given are met and the application are accurate and complete before submitting them. Early application is also recommended to avoid the slowdown of systems that do normally occur before the end of the registration period.

Don’t miss the chance to obtain a green card. You can apply and be a lucky winner.

How Does the USA lottery Program work?

Every year, there is a great lottery program that makes the visa available to people who meet the eligibility criteria of the requirements. With multiple visas targeting regions with lower immigration rates and visa levels for nationals of countries have forward more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the last six years. No country can receive more than seven per cent available.

Request a U.S. green card from USA Via the Lottery DV 2021

Among the outrage over illegal immigration in the United States, the State Department of USA has announced the Immigrant Visa Program date, also known as the Visa Coupon Lottery for the fiscal year 2021. 

Countries not eligible for the green card lottery

Some countries are given a chance to apply for this visa, while some are not. Even if your applicants meet the lottery visa requirements, you may not be able to apply for the green card lottery. This option depends on your country. Not every citizen of all countries can apply for the American Diversity Edition. Some countries that have already sent over 50,000 immigrants in the past six years are not eligible for this offer.

Here are some Foreign nations that are eligible for USA visa offer:

Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Haiti, India,  Mexico, El Salvador, South Korea, Nigeria, Peru, Pakistan, Philippines, and United Kingdom.

This means that you must be a citizen of one of the qualifying nation for the USA green card lottery. You can also apply for this offer only if your parents were a citizen of the eligible nation. The State Department annually announces the countries eligible for the green card lottery. 

Conditions of entry

The Visa Immigrant Annual Lottery run for about one month. The deadline for the green card 2021 visa offer is October 15, 2019. If you are applying for this offer, you must include a photo that meets the requirements set by U.S. authorities. No registration fee. 

You must be born in a qualified country.

If you wish to apply for this offer, you must have at least a secondary education or two years of working experience with at least two years of work training. Every application must be submitted online during this application period. Applying for multiple applications will disqualify you.

Next steps

In order to complete the process, applicants must confirm their qualifications and apply for immigrant and foreign visa registration, as well as supporting documents such as wedding certificates, birth certificates, working experience and evidence of education.

The final step in the process is the applicant interview, which will hold at the Consulate or the US Embassy. The applicant will present their photographs, medical exam results, passport, and other media. At the end of the interview, the USA visa officer will inform you whether your request offer has been approved or denied.

While the odds of winning the USA lottery and getting a green card for many are natural, ask foreign nationals to think carefully about whether or not they want a green card. Foreign nationals who hold a green card must be a permanent resident of the United States and may not go elsewhere but only visit the United States. This has many lasting implications, including tax obligations, and foreign nationals who have “won” the lottery or are considering filing a green card should seek the advice of an immigration lawyer to understand all these implications. Good luck to all the candidates!

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